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Naturally Sparkling

Cucumber Mint

With one splash of this Cucumber Mint Refreshment, you may find yourself lying on a pebbly cove, under the towering rock faces of the Italian riviera, as the gentle mediterranean breeze brushes your warm skin. Of course all will most likely be occurring in your day dream, but you went there.  Ciao!

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naturally sparkling


Top 5 sparkling waters in the USA

-Bon appétit Magazine

naturally sparkling

Watermelon Basil

Think watermelon & basil and you’ll already start feeling refreshed, right?  Add some ice cold naturally sparkling mineral water to the mix and now you’ve got yourself a refreshing party for one right in your mouth. Think Havana, think salsa, think of those long warm nights with Bueno Vista Social Club playing in the background. That’s Watermelon Basil.

Naturally Sparkling


Enjoy the refreshment
you deserve.

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Still & Sparkling

For those with enough flavor in their life, our Still & Sparkling mineral waters are of the highest quality, possessing rich levels of magnesium and an optimal sodium concentration. Refreshing, with a moderate level of natural carbonation, our sparkling mineral water has the perfect bubble at 6.5 BARs of pressure, while our Still maintains an alkaline Ph level of 7.4.

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