enjoy a refreshing moment

Cucumber Mint

the taste of the european summer

Watermelon Basil

feel like you're always on the beach


the classic refreshment

The best new beverage in the world

Zenith Media

Best packaged beverage in the USA


The most relevant sparkling water beverage brand.


It's Naturally sparkling

So it's more refreshing

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What's your refreshment?

Cucumber Mint

The Riviera Refreshment.

Take a sip & dream of vespers, yachts, boats, rocky cliffs, pebbly beaches, sailor hats, white and blue stripes, deck chairs, umbrellas, scarfs, carafes, awnings, wild flowers and vintage convertibles.

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Watermelon Basil

The Beach Refreshment.

Take a sip & dream of surf boards, waves, sand, beach balls, paddles, palm trees, flip flops, umbrellas, big towels, life guards, yellow flags, big hats, bikinis, sea gulls, sun cream, tan lines, hammocks, ray bans and a bright yellow Jeep Wrangler.

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The Island Refreshment.

Take a sip & dream of snorkels, scooters, sunsets, coconuts, Exotic fruits, monkeys, birds, tuk-tuks, cocktails, backpacks, monuments, palm trees, jungles, street markets, rock jumps, boat rides, discos and dancing.

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The Poolside Refreshment. 

Take a sip & dream of  pastel sun umbrellas, silk cabanas, tanning oil, palm trees, champagne, cocktails, flamingo li-lo, big sunglasses,  hotel slippers, Egyptian cotton robes. 

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Enjoy the refreshment
you deserve.

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