Have a refreshing moment.

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With over 99% of our reviews being 5 Star, we’re not perfect, but we're proud that our customers don't need to compromise on flavor or resort to overly sugary sodas to get refreshed.

Inspired by the Romance of Italy

Cucumber Mint

With one splash of this Cucumber Mint Refreshment, you may find yourself lying on a pebbly cove, under the towering rock faces of the Italian riviera, as the gentle mediterranean breeze brushes your warm skin. Of course all will most likely be occurring in your day dream, but you went there.  happy holidays

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What is Found?

Created from the Miracle of Naturally sparkling water,  FOUND is not a seltzer, or a soda, or a tonic.. this gift from earth is 'A Naturally Sparkling Refreshment' 

Inspired by the Serenity of Palm Springs.


Transport yourself to that day where the schedule consisted of tanning & dips in the pool, oysters and champagne, friends, selfies on the flamingo, flirtatious conversations with guests and a few chapters of a great book. This is luxury poolside refreshment, this is what the beautifully floral, Naturally Sparkling Elderflower, tastes like.

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'The most Relevant beverage brand we've seen'


inspired by long summer days


If a light gentle refreshment is what you are in need of at that particular time, in that particular place, twist of the cap of the Lemon. Let the crisp bubbles leap up and kiss your face as your eyes close, inhale & dream of that Tuscan lemon orchard that you've never been to. Now you are ready for a sip, go to your refreshing place.

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'Best packaging in the USA'


Inspired by the flavor of Havana

Watermelon Basil

Think watermelon & basil and you'll already start feeling refreshed, right?  Add some ice cold naturally sparkling mineral water to the mix and with each sip, you will notice a swing and a flare to your step, as you get teleported to where the beaches meet the refreshing tunes of Buena Vista Social Club.

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Top 5 sparkling waters in the USA

Bon Appétit Magazine