The miracle of natural bubbles.

Yes, it's almost unbelievable, no, its not magic.

Naturally sparkling mineral water occurs when water deposits flow over and through rock beds soaking up the minerals. It is here, at the source, where we collect and fill our bottles. Read more about the science of natural refreshment below.

Rich Mineral Water

In our rich mineral water spring, located on the base of Mount Uludag, one of the naturally occurring minerals is HCO3 (Hydrogen carbonate), which creates makes Found naturally sparkling & in turn more refreshing.

Mineral Composition (mg/L)

(ph§6.00) calcium§ca.§326, magnesium§mg§111.4, bicarbonate§hco3§163, sodium§na§425, sulphate§so4§6, nitrate§no3§3.3, chloride§ci§166, potassium§k§53.6 

The Perfect Bubble

For any of you water connoisseurs out there, the optimal atmospheric air pressure (BAR) of FOUND is 6.5 at a temperature of 8 degrees celcius. This means our water has a gentle yet crisp sparkle… Not too flat, not too bubbly, and won’t foam in your mouth.

Our Secret Formula

Created locally and sustainably to refresh, once we capture our naturally sparkling mineral water, we then infuse it with natural aromas and gently sweeten it with a splash of NON-GMO beet sugar, because a little bit of sweetness refreshes a long way.

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Naturally Sparkling Refreshment

Cucumber Mint

With one splash of this Cucumber Mint Refreshment, you may find yourself lying on a pebbly cove, under the towering rock faces of the Italian riviera, as the gentle mediterranean breeze brushes your warm skin. Of course all will most likely be occurring in your day dream, but you went there.  happy holidays

'The most Relevant beverage brand we've seen'

naturally sparlking refreshment


Transport yourself to that day where the schedule consisted of tanning & dips in the pool, oysters and champagne, friends, selfies on the flamingo, flirtatious conversations with guests and a few chapters of a great book. This is luxury poolside refreshment, this is what the beautifully floral, Naturally Sparkling Elderflower, tastes like.

Refreshments delivered to your door.

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naturally sparkling refreshment


If a light gentle refreshment is what you are in need of at that particular time, in that particular place, twist of the cap of the Lemon. Let the crisp bubbles leap up and kiss your face as your eyes close, inhale & dream of that Tuscan lemon orchard that you've never been to. Now you are ready for a sip, go to your refreshing place.

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naturally sparkling refreshment

Watermelon Basil

Think watermelon & basil and you'll already start feeling refreshed, right?  Add some ice cold naturally sparkling mineral water to the mix and with each sip, be teleported to, where found was born, Bondi Beach, Australia, one of the most refreshing beaches in the world.

Top 5 sparkling waters in the USA

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Straight from the source

Sparkling & Still

For those with enough flavor in their life, our Still & Sparkling mineral waters are of the highest quality, possessing rich levels of magnesium and an optimal sodium concentration. Refreshing, with a moderate level of natural carbonation, our sparkling mineral water has the perfect bubble at 6.5 BARs of pressure, while our Still maintains an alkaline Ph level of 7.4.